Sofia Kangas


Sofia Kangas // Restorative Healing Specialist 

Blessing, I am Sofia Kangas, a Restorative Healing Specialist.  I work with both traditional and transformational practices that ignite our bodies to heal through an innate inner wisdom.  Utilizing tools and teachings which cultivate ones somatic awareness and possibilities for a peaceful life.  The methods I use calm and refocus the brain out of survival mode and into a harmonius existence.  Intuitively guided, each individual will experience sessions differently (subsequent sessions vary as well) Clients can look forward to a relaxing and regenerating their system while processing to re-establish a healthy emotional system, reconnect with an inner-knowing, and begin to clearly refine and use their own inner empathetic abilities.  This work compliments a number of various other healing modalities, and can assist with releasing confusing and often antagonizing patterns, by moving one into coherence through shifting perspectives and introducing a new awareness of ones connection between the heart, mind and soul.  All ages welcome.  In person sessions, plus Teletherapy available.  To schedule your first session please call 702-716-0908


                                                                     Sofia's Rates & Packages

$150 per 55 minute session.

5 Sessions - $675    ($135 X 5)

10 Sessions - $1200  ($120 X 10)


I do not accept insurance.


Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment.


If you are  scheduled already:  please download the intake and consent form here: Intake & Consent